Here are some things to consider when deciding whether or not CryoSlimming treatments from Cryoskin are right for you. We hope this helps!

Am I a good candidate? 

The best candidates for Cryoskin treatments are those who are not overweight. The treatment is not for weight loss but rather for the vast majority of those who have problem areas. For example, let’s say you exercise regularly, you eat well but your tummy just holds onto fat and is the area that bothers you the most. This is the perfect treatment for you!  

I am overweight. Are these treatments for me?

We don’t recommend these treatments for those classified as “obese”. This generally means those who have a BMI (body mass index) around or over 30. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, while someone with a BMI over 30 can still lose fat cells from this treatment, it won’t be noticeable enough to be worth it. Second, we need to focus on a small enough area in order to get it cold enough to freeze and kill the fat cells­­­ and generally the desired area is too large. However, we do recommend treatments on smaller areas in these cases such as the backs of the arms or under the chin. Often, losing a little bit of fat on an area like this will give one a boost of confidence and also motivation to start a healthy eating and fitness regimen.

Will it work for me?

If you fit the profile of being actively engaged in a healthy lifestyle that includes a good diet and regular exercise and are not overweight but just have a problem area, this treatment will likely work for you. However, in about 10% of cases, we don’t see noticeable results. The reason for this is unclear. Everyone’s physiology is different and it could just be that their fat cells don’t submit to apoptosis (cell death) from freezing as easily as someone else’s fat cells. But, in 90% of cases this amazing treatment works beautifully!

What areas/how large of an area can I have treated?

We can treat pretty much anywhere on the body that has excess fat except for the breast on women or chest on men. However, there must be enough fat so that we can massage the cold wand into it.

The largest area we recommend treating is about the size of a sheet of paper. This allows us to get the fat cells in that area cold enough to induce apoptosis. If we try to do a larger area, it’s difficult to get the fat cells cold enough to be effective. So, for example, for someone with a smaller abdomen we can cover both the front of the tummy and the love handles (about half a sheet of paper on the front and half a sheet divided into each love handle.) For someone with a larger tummy, we would want to cover just the front area for maximum effectiveness. Another example: For the saddlebag area we can cover about the size of a half sheet of paper on each side.

Remember, the smaller the treatment area, the more easily it gets to the appropriate temperature to be effective. If we try to cover a larger area it may make it too difficult to get cold enough and the results will be less noticeable.

I have cellulite. Should I get CryoSlimming or CryoToning?

We typically recommend the Slimming treatments over the Toning treatments. Cellulite occurs when fat deposits push through the connective tissue beneath the skin. While the Toning treatments can temporarily help firm up the skin, thus making cellulite look smoother, the Slimming treatments have a more permanent effect. This is because we are able to reduce some of the fat that is bulging around the fibrous connective tissue and this makes everything look smoother. In addition, the CryoSlimming treatment also offers the same toning benefit as CryoToning due to the increased blood flow to the area. So, it’s basically reducing cellulite two ways - through removing bulging fat cells and temporarily firming the skin.

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