Why choose Cryoskin over other fat loss treatments?

First and foremost, fat loss through diet and exercise is the least expensive method! (Although, admittedly, it’s not easy.) And, we highly recommend watching your calorie intake, eating healthy foods with a predominance of fruits, veggies & lean protein and engaging in an active lifestyle to make sure you are not taking in more calories than you are expending.

But, when you are doing all of these things and still have stubborn pockets of fat that won’t seem to budge, alternative methods can help.

There are several options out there. We think Cryoskin is the best option to slim down stubborn areas and here’s why:

1. No downtime and no side effects

You can return to normal activities immediately following the treatment since there are really no side effects! Only a very small percentage of clients experience any of the following, incredibly mild reactions:

-temporary redness and/or itchiness of the skin over the treatment area (normally lasting less than 24 hours)

-temporary, very mild swelling that lasts a few days up to a couple of weeks.

-very rarely some temporary tenderness that lasts a day or two

2. Non-invasive

Surgical fat removal methods come with all sorts of risks like infection (even death) and downtime due to anesthesia, pain, significant swelling and bruising, etc.

3. Effective compared to other methods

Surgical methods are obviously effective. But, in comparison to other non-invasive methods, Cryoskin consistently gives the best results.

Aside from Cryoskin which elicits its effect through fat cell apoptosis, in the non-invasive category are devices that utilize ultrasound, radiofrequency and laser. These methods heat the fat cells but, they do not actually kill them. (The method of action is not fully understood but it is thought that heating induces fat cells to leak out some of their contents.) This means that if you gain weight, the fat can go right back to where you tried to remove it. Plus, when we personally tried out several of these methods before deciding on Cryoskin, we didn’t see any results from a single session.

4. Results can be seen quickly.

With Cryoskin you can tell right away that it’s working! Most clients see a measurable difference in circumference of the treatment area immediately following a treatment. And, the reduction continues to occur over the next 15 days.  This is in sharp contrast with other similar options that tend to cause so much swelling that your full results can’t be seen for 3 months! This means that you’ve actually had to deal with looking larger over those three months plus often times you can’t even remember what you looked like before for comparison.

5. Inexpensive in comparison to other methods

Surgical fat loss methods can cost several thousand dollars. Some of the non-invasive methods can cost in the thousands too. With Cryoskin you definitely get the most bang for your buck.

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