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What a wonderful surprise! I hadn't been to the salon/spa in almost 4 years. The location has changed and it's beautiful. Although the place has doubled in size, there is still the warmth provided by Jennifer and team.

Susan T.


Jennifer is friendly and professional, making appointments is easy, and I'm always happy with my results.

Nicole P.

Feel Younger

I have to say that TLC Medispa is one of the best spas in Northern Virginia and I have been to many so that is saying a lot. I love their beautiful office and friendly staff. I always leave in a better mood than when I arrived. I’ve had laser hair removal at TLC and it is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. More recently signed up for their Laser Facial Membership and“I have been to TLC several times over the last 12-months having received several spot IPL treatments for sun damage and broken capillaries on my face and chest and removal of brown spots to my arms and legs – each time I have been extremely pleased with my results. So much so that I recently had my full face and chest treated and within 2-weeks after my treatment, I had more than a few people ask me “what are you doing – your skin looks great”. Jenn and Kelly are honest, professional and knowledgeable and not to mention nice! It works – I feel and look 5-years younger.”

J. Gibbs


I’ve been getting laser hair removal from TLC Medispa for about five years now! I absolutely love the spa and my technician, Jenn. The spa is consistently clean and inviting, and I always feel comfortable during my visits! The pricing is very reasonable, especially when purchasing packages! I can’t imagine going anywhere else and wouldn’t even consider doing so! After seeing Jenn for so long is the most personable and sweet

Elizabeth A.


TLC has always been personable and helpful, with ease in creating appointments and a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. I’ve only ever done laser treatments, but they work. What I especially value about TLC, though, is that I never feel pressured to buy further services or products. I feel like I can trust that they are assessing my specific situation (hair, skin, whatever) when I ask about something they offer.

M. Litt


This is my third time coming and I have had only great services with the friendly staff. They are also very professional and they know what they are doing. I would recommend this place to everyone.

Kathy F.


I’ve been using TLC for years, primarily laser work for me, my daughter, and son (shape up beard for lifelong easier upkeep...awesome!). The staff is friendly, professional, and never pushy about trying to get you to buy new products/services...but very knowledgeable about what will work best for you when you discuss needs with them, honestly letting you know best methods/treatments for you and not setting you up for more and more if that’s not what you need. I found TLC through a Groupon years ago and have stayed with them ever since.

Joanne M.


The spa is quiet and peaceful, while also clean and convenient right in downtown Mckean. Plus, the professionals at TLC took care to attend to my individual needs and ensure my comfort to benefit from services! Great massage rooms and therapist too!

Allison S.


I got laser hair removal treatments at TLC Medispa and it was so worth it! The customer service was great – everyone was so friendly and helpful and the service was wonderful too. I would definitely recommend TLC to anyone for laser hair removal treatments

E. Whorley

Changed Complexion

The talented technicians at TLC Medispa completely changed my complexion with an IPL Facial. They got rid of the “Snoopy spot” next to my nose, which I thought would be an impossible feat!

S. E. Yannetti

Visible Change

I came to TLC Medispa for the first time a few months ago for a laser hair removal. Since I was very satisfied with my laser hair removal appointments, I decided to try the IPL treatment here. I suffer from rosacea and my face has noticeable redness, especially on the cheeks. After the first appointment there was already a visible change. Not only did the redness on my cheeks subsided, but also broken capillaries around my nose were mostly gone. A few freckles that I had on my face were gone as well. I proceeded with few more treatments each making my skin looking better and better. Since my skin is oversensitive I experienced moderate pain during each procedure. However, Jennifer and Kelly were very gentle and caring, taking little breaks throughout each appointment. They were very professional and gave me lots of advice on ways to alleviate the discomfort. They also checked on my condition after each treatment making sure I was well. The IPL treatment helped the overall condition of my skin greatly. The redness is mostly gone with my skin tone being more even. My face looks more refreshed and plump. Jennifer and Kelly are the two people to thank for the way my skin looks right now. Thanks to their skills and expertise and the top of the line equipment that the facility uses, I am now extremely happy with my skin appearance. No dermatologist or medicines were ever able to achieve the results that the IPL treatments performed by Jennifer and Kelly did.

A. Dygas

The Best

I have to say that TLC Medispa is one of the best spas in Northern Virginia and I have been to many so that is saying a lot. I love their beautiful office and friendly staff. I always leave in a better mood than when I arrived. I’ve had laser hair removal at TLC and it is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. More recently signed up for their Laser Facial Membership and 4 months in, my skin is looking amazing. This membership and treatment is seriously the best-kept secret to younger-looking skin. I couldn’t be happier with TLC and their services.

K. Collins

Does it All

I have been coming to TLC spa for almost ten years and I always have a great experience when I'm there. This spa does it all from laser hair removal to massages, to skin care. I have had the pleasure of experiencing services from all three categories and I have been happy with them all. The spa is beautiful and arranged in a way that shows all of the products that are offered while still keeping the shelves organized and free of clutter. Jennifer is so knowledgeable about the services she provides and all of the products she sells you can ask her anything. She has tried everything she sells so she is able to give a true opinion based on her experience.

Ivonna S.


Jen is very friendly and professional. Makes sure you’re taken care of. Service is great! The place is clean and very comfortable. I live over an hour away but I’ve been going there for 4 years and wouldn’t go elsewhere.

Camille L.

Great Team

Jenn and the TLC team are great! Very thorough and takes the time to answer all of my questions. You guys rock!

Steve H.


I’m a guy – I get that. But sometimes you have to suck it up and hit the spa. TLC Medispa is the only spa not to shy away from answering all of my questions (which are a lot)! I usually book them when they run one of their incredible specials and have never been disappointed. They’re on time, always engaging and are willing to give you the bottom line on everything from what you need to have done to how much it’ll cost you. This upfront information helped me make a much more informed decision and I can happily say I trust them for my skin care.

J. Jetmund


The laser treatments I received at TLCMedispa are amazing. I have had several areas lasered with the benefit of different lasers to ensure the best outcome. The care and professionalism offered is why you go to TLC and the results are why you stay. Don’t be fooled by other centers who claim to be experts in laser hair removal!

Deb G.
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Using three-phase thermal shock, destroy unwanted fat cells, eliminate cellulite and improve collagen production.

woman's face from above showing laser facial treatment

This is one of our favorite treatments! Over time, this lunchtime procedure will make your skin age backwards.

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A photofacial (or IPL) can treat all sorts of skin problems and get you back on track to your best skin ever!

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Our membership plans make it easy to be beautiful! Take great care of yourself!

We believe that you deserve the best: the most effective treatments, superior service, the utmost personal attention and the best results. A premier medical spa in McLean VA, we're one of the biggest laser hair removal providers in Northern VA and have been since 2007. We provide the most advanced & effective esthetic treatments and don't fall prey to the latest hyped up sensation that doesn't actually deliver. You can trust us to offer only what works and to always give you our honest opinion.