Why is Emsculpt NEO near me such a popular search? And why choose Emsculpt NEO over other fat-reducing treatments? 

Are you on the lookout for an effective body contouring solution that delivers remarkable results? Look no further than Emsculpt NEO. In the world of body sculpting, Emsculpt NEO stands out as a revolutionary option that combines two powerful technologies for exceptional fat reduction and muscle building. If you're searching for "Emsculpt NEO near me," here are the top 10 reasons why you should choose this treatment over other fat-reducing devices.

1. Advanced Combination Therapy unlike any other device

Emsculpt NEO employs an innovative combination of radiofrequency (RF) and high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technologies. No other device uses two different modalities to attack and destroy fat cells.  This dual-action approach sets Emsculpt NEO apart from other devices, giving you comprehensive and enhanced results that no single technology can achieve. Emsculpt NEO is the best option for those wanting to contour their body. 

2. Not only destroys fat but also builds muscle

While other devices focus solely on either fat reduction or muscle building, Emsculpt NEO tackles both concerns simultaneously. The RF technology helps target and eliminate stubborn fat cells, while the HIFEM technology stimulates muscle contractions that go way beyond what you could do on your own, resulting in enhanced muscle tone and definition.  Plus HIFEM also destroys fat cells too! Fat cells don't stand a chance with this one-two punch. No other device contours the body like this. 


3. Effective compared to other methods

Clinical studies have shown Emsculpt NEO to reduce fat by up to 30% whereas most other devices on the market are only able to decrease fat by 20-25%. 

4. No downtime and no side effects

In fact, after an Emsculpt NEO treatment, the majority of clients feel an endorphin rush similar to after having run a long distance. Most clients feel invigorated and have no pain or any kind of side effects. Clients even notice increase muscle strength by the very next day. 


5. The only device that has been shown to decrease visceral body fat

Visceral fat lies under the muscle and wraps around vital organs making it more dangerous that the subcutaneous fat that we are all very aware of. High intensity exercise has been shown to reduce this visceral fat and now, in a clinical study, HIFEM technology has been shown to reduce this type of fat by 14%. This contributes to not only enhanced overall health but to pulling in of the abdominal wall for a slimmer appearance. 

6. The only device that improves diastasis recti

Diastasis recti is when the abdominal muscles separate during pregnancy and can also occur in abdominal obesity. It can result in bulging or pooching of the belly from the inside. Clinical studies have shown Emsculpt NEO to reduce the separation by 19%. This helps pull in the abdominal wall and results in a slimmer appearance. 

7. Can treat up to BMI of 35 unlike other devices that only go to BMI of 30

While body contouring devices work best at lower BMIs (unfair, we know) Emsculpt NEO still works on those with BMI up to 35 whereas every other device available is only effective up to BMIs of 30. 

8. Can tighten skin due to radiofrequency heating

The radiofrequency utilized by Emsculpt NEO not only destroys fat by heating it, it causes increased collagen production in the skin and thus helps tighten loose skin resulting in a more toned appearance. 

9. Can treat multiple areas at one appointment

With Emsculpt NEO, there is no limit on how many areas you can treat during one session, unlike other devices. Looking to snatch your waist and lift your bottom? Let's do it in one convenient session!

10. 88% Worth It rating on RealSelf

Of all the non-invasive fat reducing treatments reviewed on Realself Emsculpt NEO has the highest "Worth It" rating by real patients. Compare it to Coolsculpting which has a 72% Worth It rating (plus lots of bad side effects and a higher price point,) or Trusculpt 3D which has a 64% Worth It rating or Sculpsure with a 56% Worth It Rating. If you've been searching for Emsculpt NEO near me or body contouring near me or body sculpting near me, Emsculpt NEO is the clear winner. 

Non-Surgical BBL

So, if you're searching for "Emsculpt NEO near me," remember the top 10 reasons to choose this innovative fat-reducing and muscle-building device over other alternatives. Emsculpt NEO's combination technology, efficiency, non-invasive nature, personalized treatment plans, and scientifically proven results make it a superior choice. By opting for Emsculpt NEO, you're choosing a cutting-edge solution that not only reduces fat but also helps you achieve the toned and defined physique you desire. Say goodbye to the limitations of other fat-reducing devices and embrace the future of body sculpting with Emsculpt NEO.

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