1. Emsculpt NEO Increases Core Strength

As we age, our muscle mass decreases including our core muscles. Our core muscles have two main functions: to spare the spine from excessive load and to connect motion between our upper body and lower body.  All movement, no matter where it begins, runs through our core muscles. You're probably already beginning to see the picture here.  Having weak core muscles has many implications - more force to the spine, impaired motion and flexibility, decreased balance & stability.  All of this can lead to back pain and/or slips and falls.  

Consider this: Starting at age 30 we lose 3-8% muscle mass per decade.  That's pretty eye-opening! What if there were a way to drastically improve muscle mass and strength in just a month? Emsculpt NEO has been shown in clinical studies to increase muscle mass by up to 25% in just 4 sessions. Each session contracts your abdominal muscles 20,000 causing the muscle cells to actually increase in thickness and in number resulting in increased core strength and all of the benefits that come from that.

2. Emsculpt NEO Reduces Back Pain

If you've been following along so far, you've learned that the decrease in core muscle mass and strength that comes with age causes more force on the spine. Weak muscles and increased force on the spine lead to back pain and decreased mobility. This is a vicious cycle. If you have back pain, our tendency is to stay away from core strengthening exercises and this causes core muscles to weaken even more. So, improving core strength means less back pain which means more enjoyment in everything you do!

3. Emsculpt NEO Increases Balance

Our core muscles help keep us stable, balanced and upright. Every day we navigate obstacles, slip on something but catch ourselves from falling, etc. Imagine what happens if your core muscles aren't strong enough to keep you balanced or to catch you when you lose balance. This is one of the reasons that slips and falls increase as we age. Not only does Emsculpt NEO improve core strength, in can be used to increase muscle strength in other areas of the body like legs and buttocks, drastically improving your balance and reducing injuries.

4. Emsculpt NEO Improves Vitality

When you're stronger, when you have more muscle mass boosting not only your metabolism but your confidence, it makes everything you do easier! It motivates you to get up and get out, to exercise (you'll notice how much easier exercise becomes with Emsculpt NEO treatments) and to do the things you enjoy.  The increased core strength that comes from Emsculpt NEO improves just about everything we do: everyday acts like bathing, dressing or walking; sports and other physical activities; housework, gardening, home improvement; even on the job tasks we might not think of like sitting in front of a computer.

5. Okay, we have to include it: Emsculpt NEO Decreases Fat

While this is a more of a cosmetic benefit instead of the important lifestyle benefits we've been discussing, there's no secret in the fact that we tend to put on weight as we age and, honestly, no one wants that! Emsculpt NEO reduces fat thickness on the treated area an average of 30% and also decreases the visceral fat around our organs that is really unhealthy and also normally very difficult to reach.  A slimmer body does wonders for how we look and feel which is so important as we get a little older.

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