We're way overdue on this post but we were thrilled to have blogger/influencer Isabella Thorp visit us and try out our CryoSlimming treatments using Cryoskin. See what she had to say!

My Cryoskin Treatments at TLC Medispa 2

“I'm sold on this guys!!! I lost an inch on my mid-section.”

Isabella Thorp, Instagram: @confessionsofasuperager

I went to TLC Medispa in McLean, VA for Cryoslimming on my tummy area and  my “love handles”. I was really happy that I was able to have both areas treated in a single session. The treatment also works well on other parts of the body like your back, arms, chin, thighs, buttocks and hips. Jennifer, the owner of TLC, was my technician for my first treatment. She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed during the entire procedure.

She applied a gel on the area to help the hand piece from the Cryoskin machine glide along while applying heat first. It was actually very relaxing and reminded me of getting a sonogram. Jen explained that heat is applied first to shock the fat cells even more when the cold is applied. After about 2 minutes of heat, the cold was applied - and we are talking very cold, somewhere in the neighborhood of -8 to -10 degrees Celsius. The extreme contrast causes the fat cells to freeze, which actually kills them! Jen explained that your body then removes the dead fat cells through natural processes. The treatment itself is not painful.

My Cryoskin Treatments at TLC Medispa 3
My Cryoskin Treatments at TLC Medispa 4

To prepare for the treatment, I was told not to eat any form of carbs for four hours prior to treatment. Because the cold therapy weakens the fat cells, you don’t want to give them any type of fuel from carbs afterwards as the goal is to ultimately destroy them.

Here is my takeaway from the treatment: You do see results right away. For me personally, it wasn’t so much losing inches immediately, as I actually gained some inches – which can be expected as the area gets a bit inflamed from the extreme cold application – but more visible toning. A week later I measured the area again and lost ¾ inches in my tummy area. Ideally, three to five sessions are recommended for best results, though I noticed a difference after only one treatment. I have since had a second treatment and lost another half inch in the same area! I definitely recommend this treatment to anyone who has a trouble spot – like the tummy area.

Jen explained that it’s not a weight loss method, but more for those who are already are engaged in a healthy, active lifestyle but need a little help with a problem area. This was the perfect treatment for me and I’m really glad I did it!

My Cryoskin Treatments at TLC Medispa 5

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