The Best Body Sculpting in Tysons Corner, VA Is… (Drumroll, Please)

Seeking fat reduction, muscle growth, and skin tightening all in one easy 30-minute procedure? Does such a thing even exist?

Keep reading to find out about the best body sculpting in Tysons Corner, VA!

What Is the Best Body Sculpting Procedure?

Non-surgical body contouring / sculpting has taken the world by storm, offering a non-invasive approach to achieving a slim and shapely figure.

This method offers help for patients who want a little more than what their regular diet and exercise routine is offering them, have stubborn fat they wish to blast, or postpartum patients wanting their pre-baby body back. So, what is the best body sculpting in Tysons Corner, VA on the market?

Well, here’s the answer to your question!

It's Emsculpt Neo! What makes Emsculpt NEO so great, though? What sets it apart from the many other fat-blasting alternatives available?

What Sets Emsculpt NEO Apart From the Others?

Emsculpt NEO is excitingly cutting edge, the first and only non-invasive body sculpting procedure that offers not only fat elimination, but skin tightening and muscle building in one convenient treatment!

Emsculpt NEO utilizes two of the top fat destroying technologies available,  unlike every other device on the market that only uses one. First, high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy, or HIFEM, not only causes fat cells to die but it also builds your muscle. This HIFEM energy forces your muscles to contract with intensity that cannot naturally be obtained, causing 20,000 muscle contractions in just 30 minutes. This is likened to 20,000 squats, crunches, or other exercises, strengthening your muscle fibers. Second, radiofrequency causes the temperature in fat cells to rise to above a viable temperature so they self-destruct. Radiofrequency also increases collagen production resulting in firmer, tighter skin. 

This creates permanent fat reduction by up to 30% and muscle growth by 25% for areas such as the buttocks, calves, abdominals, arms, and thighs - wherever you choose!

And Here’s Where to Find the Best Body Sculpting in Tysons Corner, VA, Emsculpt Neo!

For outstanding results from non-surgical body contouring, visit TLC Medispa! We offer unique, exciting memberships and packages to get the most out of your innovative, personalized Emsculpt NEO treatments!

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