1. Drink lots of water.

water before and after 1 copyRemember Sarah Smith, the 42 year old mother of two who chronicled her 3L per day water drinking experiment and how she looked 10 years younger after only 4 weeks?  Now, that’s a lot of water to drink.  3L is about SIXTEEN 8 oz glasses!  But, do your best and strive for half your body weight (in lbs) in ounces of water per day.  Well-hydrated skin repairs itself better, is more plump, shows fewer signs of aging and experiences less breakouts.  Plus water helps flush out toxins that damage our skin.



2.   Wear good sunscreen every day.

Protecting her beautiful skinThis is important even if you are just going to and from the office or school AND even if it’s cloudy.  UV rays from the sun are responsible for both non-invasive skin cancers and deadly melanoma.  And they are responsible for skin aging and wrinkles, freckles, age spots and other hyperpigmentation.  Make sure your sunscreen contains the physical sunblocks zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide.  These ingredients offer the best protection against both UVA and UVB rays.  The higher the concentration of these ingredients, the better.  Our favorite is Image Skincare’s Prevention+ Hydrating SPF 30+ which has a whopping 18% zinc oxide.  Don’t go by SPF – that only tells you the protection against UVB rays.  The quality and concentration of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are much more important.

Apply sunblock to all exposed areas, not just your face.  If you are spending the day in the sun, reapply at least every hour.  Physical sunscreens hold up better than chemical ones but they still break down over time.  Also, UVA rays travel through glass so make sure to wear sunscreen even if you are inside if there are lots of windows.

 3.  Start taking care of your skin now.

Your skin is already aging by your early twenties.  Women in their twenties are losing collagen at the same rate as women in their forties!  So, you’re never too young to start taking your skin care seriously.  Don’t wait until your 30s to start wearing sunblock every day.  Don’t wait until you’re over 40 to use advanced skin care products.  By using these products early on, you can reduce collagen loss and other signs of aging.  Prevention is easier than correction!


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