COVID Policies 3

Covid Policies and Commitment

First and foremost, we appreciate your business and support so much. We do not take for granted your confidence in us in making sure that you stay safe as we all try to live as normally as possible. We realize that the treatments we offer are elective and that means even more! We promise to take the best care of you 💕

We are following the mandatory requirements for Fairfax County in order to keep all of you, and all of us, safe.

* Please reschedule your appointment if you have any symptom related to Covid-19.
* Please wear a mask at all times while in our office.
* Please wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds upon entering the office.
* Please don't bring anyone but yourself to your appointment.
* Please come at your scheduled appointment time, not early, so we can limit the number of people in the office at one        time, and not late for the same reason plus so that we have enough time to disinfect between appointments.
* Please allow us to assist you with products. 
* Please complete our COVID-19 questionnaire/waiver prior to your appointment. (You will find a link on your appointment  confirmation email or text.)
* If you plan to tip your provider, we recommend Venmo instead of cash. 

We hope it goes without saying that we are committed to being hyper-diligent about disinfecting surfaces and potential routes of contamination throughout the day. 

Here are some of the other protocols we are implementing:

We will limit the amount of people in our waiting area by increasing time-gaps between appointments. This will also allow us additional time to thoroughly disinfect treatment rooms between appointments.

We are limiting appointments to no longer than one hour.

We are transferring all paper intake forms to digital in an effort to limit contamination from pens, clipboards, etc. (Plus it's good for the environment!)

We have contactless checkouts if you make sure to keep an updated credit card on file with us.

We are open to suggestion! If anything makes you uncomfortable or you see a better method, please let us know!